sgMobMart is a marketplace for buying, selling and repairing mobile devices, including phones and tablets.

  • Q: NEW - What is EZBuyBack?
    A: EZBuyBack is the easiest way to sell your new and used smartphones from the comfort of your home and office.
    sgMobMart works with industry partners to BuyBack your smartphones at BEST prices and pay you cash, AT YOUR OWN TIME AND LOCATION.

  • Q: How do I sell my device?
    A: Sign up/Login, select your device, enter the details of sale, your device is now posted for sale to other members. sgMobMart will highlight your device as trusted if you have entered your IMEI and verified by us.
    For selected models you can also quickly sell to our BuyBack partners.
    You can also Broken Devices to our Repair Network Solution Partners.

  • Q: How do I buy a device?
    A: Sign up/Login, select your device, you will be shown all the matching/similar models. You can also leave messages to the seller. Upon confirmation of sale via 'Buy Now' button you will be able to rate the seller (and vice versa). We encourage all sales to be confirmed via this function to reflect the sale price trend with sgMobMart community.

  • Q: How do I repair my device?
    A: Sign up/Login, select your device, enter the problems of your device and post to sgMobMart. Our Repair Network Solution Partners will contact you/provide quote for your fix.

  • Q: Can I sell/buy my device without using the 'Buy Now' button?
    A: You can but the listing will not be accurate and the sale price will not be reflected for the community. We encourage all confirmed transactions to use this button and also to send confirmation email to buyer/seller.

  • Q: What if my device model is not found in your list?
    A: We are constantly updating our device listings based on most popular models. Drop us a note if you do not find your device models and we will add them.

  • Q: What are premium listings?
    A: Premium listings will be shown at top of matching device listings and will have longer expiry date. Drop us a note if you require more info.

  • Q: How can I improve my chance of selling?
    A: Based on our user experiece listings that have photos and high facebook likes have a better chance of sale. You can share your listing page with the facebook, twitter & google buttons available. A listing with a verified IMEI number will have priority listing.

  • Q: How do I communicate with the seller/buyer?
    A: Login and use the 'Post Comment' button to communicate/nego before sale. You can have private chats/postings between buyer/seller upon confirmation of sale (Clicking on 'Buy Now' button). Upon sale confirmation you will also be able to rate the buyer/seller.

  • Q: I seem to have problem receiving activation/notification email?
    A: Please check your spam/junk mail folders as some emails may be mistaken as spam.

  • Q: How can I be alerted of new listings/comments posted?
    A: Click on the 'subscribe' button at your pages of interest to be alerted of new listings and comments. Email will be sent to you whenever there are updates on the product listings or comments. You will be automatically subscribed to a product listing alert similar to the device you posted for sale. You can 'unsubscribe' from the alerts anytime by clicking on the button.

  • Q: How can I update the listing if I have sold it offline?
    A: Find the listing under 'My Selling', 'Edit' it and Click on the 'Sold offline' button. Your listing will be updated to Sold status.

  • Q: How do I get the star ratings for my profile?
    A: You can rate a buyer/seller upon a sale completion via sgMobMart 'buy' function. We encourage you to rate the buyer/seller and provide comments for other members of sgMobMart community.

  • Q: What is an IMEI number?
    A: IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique identifier for a mobile device. IMEI is a form of ESN (Electronic Serial Number). A listing with a verified IMEI number will be given a green tick indication and more trustworthy.

  • Q: What do I do if I think I have been scammed?
    A: Please lodge a police case with your local authority. Let us know also the culprit account so that we could blacklist it and let the community know. Do check the Seller Profile which will indicate if the number/account has been blacklisted.
    The following numbers have been verified as scammers with police report lodged, please DO NOT deal with them:

    +65 87090463, +60 0167689134 , +65 87302289, +60 107686404, +65 87400693, +65 87414838, +60 1136291797, +60 1139191647, 90893724, 98600506, +65 93915884, 96148550, +60 143612504, +2348180661584

    Do let us know if you encountered other scammers and we can highlight their contacts with the community to prevent more victims.

  • Q: Tell me about sgMobMart Repair Network Partner Program?
    A: Sign Up with our Repair Network Partnership program and you will be able to have access to repair job requests, buy broken devices & offer your BuyBack services for new devices to our members.