BuyBack Program

sgMobMart BuyBack Program allows Repair Network partners interesed in buying back new smartphones from our members to specify the models and prices for quick transactions.

  • Q: How do I join the BuyBack program?
    A: Register with our Repair Network Partners and you will be notified via email of new repair requests, sale of broken devices and members selling you smartphones via BuyBack.

  • Q: How do I specify the devices I wish to BuyBack?
    A: Email [email protected] and provide the list of smartphone models/specs with the corresponding prices you are willing to BuyBack. Do remember to specify the BuyBack Terms & Conditions under 'My Shop Profile'.
    Alternatively you can setup/update your BuyBack Price at: by selecting the icon or go to

    After setup your devices should be available to all members at:

  • Q: How does a BuyBack work?
    A: You will be notified via email on the device specifications and seller contact whenever a member sells you a device via BuyBack. You will be able to communicate directly with the seller for the followup arrangements.

  • Q: Sounds Great! How can I start?
    A: Register now and you will receive an activation email with all the details. BuyBack latest models from Singapore largest mobile device marketplace today.